Feedback M. Stöger – Managing director of the Lansersee

Lake Lansersee is a natural body of water and a popular recreational area outside of Innsbruck. The various water inflows into Lanser See provide little fresh water compared to other lakes. In the southern part of the lake, the water drains via one single runoff stream. Two Olszewski pipes are installed to drain the anaerobic water, sediments and nutrients, which have to be sucked in at least twice a year with a fire brigade pump in order to keep the ecosystem of Lanser See stable and algae growth under control.

After being assessed by Daniel Bader, owner of Aqua Power Bader KG, the 2 units (6 pieces) of WASSERKRISTALL could be installed in Lanser See within a few days on 27.04.2023.

AGES and the Federal State of Tyrol test the water for pollutants, total phosphorus content, pH value and germs on a monthly basis. The AGES sample from 20.07.2023, i.e. almost three months after installation, and during the bathing season’s peak and thus with the water’s heaviest pollution, showed a reduction in the total phosphorus content from 24 μg/l to 10.2 μg/l.

The main indicator for algae growth could be more than halved within a short period of time and the water being polluted by bathers simultaneously. As no other water improvement measures were taken during the observation period, the Aqua Power Bader KG system can be regarded as completely successful and a sustainable improvement of the waters of Lanser See.

Handling and installing were absolutely uncomplicated and could be carried out without any problems. Each single piece of the 2 units of WASSERKRISTALL was marked on a map using GPS and can thus be located any time. The promised results have been fully achieved, while the accommodating partnership with Daniel Bader has been transparent and smooth. Due to the longevity of the system, we are looking forward to collaborating again, though far in the future.