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Natural water stabilization
and algae prevention

WASSERKRISTALL, the solution for contamination and algae build-up in natural and man-made bodies of water

Algae growth depends on environmental influences, including phosphate and nitrogen. WASSERKRISTALL demonstrably reduces this.

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Product description

WASSERKRISTALL is an information carrier. It consists of a stainless steel cylinder. This material has been chosen in order to provide maintenance-free and a long-lasting consistency. Based on defined specifications, the cylinder is equipped with a natural data carrier. Its composition is the result of years of development by the Bader Group and a team of developers working based on the knowledge of previous generations. The cylinder requires neither external energy sources nor regular maintenance. Neither chemical or radioactive substances, nor mechanical or electronic components are required.

Functional principle

WASSERKRISTALL, a worldwide novelty, is a combination of natural resources acting as data carriers and a new form of energy having a positive effect on the structure and quality of all types of water. The water quality can thus be sustainably improved in a natural way.

The innovation WASSERKRISTALL is a progressive advancement of ancient knowledge and scientific findings how to energize water. This natural data carrier transfers its stored information to the water.

This means that the individual information required for the respective body of water can be transferred in order to achieve the desired water balance.

The most renowned research most certainly comes from Japan, proving that water can store information.

The placement of WASSERKRISTALL in the water leads, among other things, to a reduction in the total phosphate and nitrogen content, which prevents the growth of algae. This reduction has a positive effect on nitrate and nitrite values, and the pH value stabilizes. On top of that, further harmful substances being detected can also be eliminated from the water.

WASSERKRISTALL therefore not only has a positive effect on the water, but also on the surrounding flora and fauna, free from chemical substances and without using electricity or other energy sources.

Test results from independent laboratories and pilot projects already carried out confirm the effectiveness of WASSERKRISTALL.

Proven functionality


are available in various sizes. Depending on the nature and size of the water, we will be happy to create an individual concept for you.

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WASSERKRISTALL was used in 3 reservoir ponds of the Hauser Kaibling skiing resort, which is part of the four-mountain skiing circuit of Schladming.

The test between May 2019 and May 2021 undoubtedly showed a significant reduction in algae growth. This was the case irrespective of whether an additional polyculture stock (a special fish stock that cannot reproduce by itself in our waters) was used or not.

Divers were also called in for an annual inspection of the snowmaking reservoirs in order to measure the extent of algae growth before using WASSERKRISTALL, and to measure its success within the entire testing period.

The results were confirmed by Umweltanalysen Baumgartner & Partner GmbH & Co KG as well as IGBK GmbH, a company of the BWK Engineering Group, by Stefan Ribitsch.

Feedback M. Stöger – Managing director of the Lansersee

Lake Lansersee is a natural body of water and a popular recreational area outside of Innsbruck. The various water inflows into Lanser See provide little fresh water compared to other lakes. In the southern part of the lake, the water drains via one single runoff stream. Two Olszewski pipes are installed to drain the anaerobic water, sediments and nutrients, which have to be sucked in at least twice a year with a fire brigade pump in order to keep the ecosystem of Lanser See stable and algae growth under control.

After being assessed by Daniel Bader, owner of Aqua Power Bader KG, the 2 units (6 pieces) of WASSERKRISTALL could be installed in Lanser See within a few days on 27.04.2023.

AGES and the Federal State of Tyrol test the water for pollutants, total phosphorus content, pH value and germs on a monthly basis. The AGES sample from 20.07.2023, i.e. almost three months after installation, and during the bathing season’s peak and thus with the water’s heaviest pollution, showed a reduction in the total phosphorus content from 24 μg/l to 10.2 μg/l.

The main indicator for algae growth could be more than halved within a short period of time and the water being polluted by bathers simultaneously. As no other water improvement measures were taken during the observation period, the Aqua Power Bader KG system can be regarded as completely successful and a sustainable improvement of the waters of Lanser See.

Handling and installing were absolutely uncomplicated and could be carried out without any problems. Each single piece of the 2 units of WASSERKRISTALL was marked on a map using GPS and can thus be located any time. The promised results have been fully achieved, while the accommodating partnership with Daniel Bader has been transparent and smooth. Due to the longevity of the system, we are looking forward to collaborating again, though far in the future.