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The solution against pollution and algae formation
for all kinds of water bodies

Algae and water pollution are a component of every body of surface water, including artificial ones. The degree of algae formation depends on the nutrient content. The phosphorus content in particular is responsible for strong algae growth.

Very strong plant growth in a water body is also called eutrophication. Plants and therefore also algae produce a lot of oxygen. However, if they die, for example because the nutrients are depleted, then the decomposition of the organic matter depletes the oxygen and the water body reaches a “tipping point”.

Especially in the case of functional ponds such as the snowmaking ponds in ski resorts, pumps and other systems are also affected.

The effects of algae formation range from defects to complete failure, which can cause extremely high costs and sensitive side effects, especially in remote areas.

Live Green Natural Water Purification and Algae Prevention offers highly effective, side-effect-free protection against this. Tried and tested in one of the largest ski areas in the Austrian Alps.

The active principle - The solution

Live Green Natural Water Purification and Algae Prevention essentially consists of information carriers that are introduced into the water body via a float system. The information carrier is a cube made of oak wood filled with natural components that induce a vibration in the water, which has been proven in experiments to achieve water purification and greatly reduce algae formation. An effect involving the release of toxic substances can be excluded with a high degree of certainty.

For fish farming, our information carriers are designed to keep natural predators away from the ponds and strengthen the immune system of the fish, so that various known diseases of the farmed animals on the skin and gills are very much reduced.

Enclosed you can download the concept of our approach as a PDF.

Proven functionality

In a test period of 15 days within a neutral environment, it was proven that the information carrier demonstrably reduces, dissolves and prevents algae infestation. See for yourself!

Implementation aspects

The LiveGreen information carriers consist of several natural components*.

Pool systems
For the pool systems, only 1 oak cube is ever needed as an information carrier.

Larger water bodies – ponds, lakes, snowmaking ponds, golf course ponds, koi ponds, swimming ponds and fish farms:
Here, the information carriers always consist of a unit of 3 oak wooden cubes that always belong together. Depending on the size and condition of a pond or lake, for example 3, 6 or 9 oak wooden cubes are needed.

In the case of the snowmaking ponds, the information carriers must be removed from the water before freezing in order to prevent damage in the event of ice breakage. The information carriers must be temporarily stored in a water container for winter storage so that the wood of the information carriers does not dry out – at this stage the risk of algae is almost eliminated and the information carriers are protected.

*The composition of the natural components for the information carrier is a development of the Bader Group spanning many years. The harmlessness of side effects can, however, be proven by laboratory tests at any time.

Teich-, Seebuchten und Beschneiungsteiche


For project enquiries and further information, please contact Daniel Bader directly.

He has been successful for 30 years with the topics of alternative water treatment, which we have sold in 12 countries, and natural purification methods and is therefore the most competent contact person for you.


The Live Green System Natural Algae Protection was used in 3 storage ponds at Hauser Kaibling in the 4 Berge Skischaukel Schladming ski area.

During the trial between May 2019 and May 2021, a significant decrease in algal growth was undoubtedly observed. This was the case regardless of whether additional polyculture stocking (special fish stocking that cannot reproduce on its own in our waters) had taken place or not. The result was confirmed by Umweltanalysen Baumgartner & Partner GmbH & Co KG and by IGBK GmbH – A company of the BKW Engineering Group – Stefan Ribitsch.

Enclosed you can download the “Inventory and evaluation of data for the project to keep the Hauser Kaibling snowmaking ponds biologically free of algae” and the assessment by Dr. Hörner as a PDF file.

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